Did James Franco Try To Hook-Up With A 17-Year-Old Girl?


Photo Credit: MarcoMaru from morguefile.com

Photo Credit: MarcoMaru from morguefile.com

He’s an actor, a writer, a producer…an internet creep? Maybe. James Franco apparently tried to get a 17-year-old Scottish girl into a hotel room with him while she visited New York City. It may not be him. It may just be a very convincing impersonator, but you can be the judge.

Lucy, on a trip to NYC for her birthday met Franco after his performance on Broadway of, Of Mice and Men. She took an Instagram video of him to which he told her, “you gotta tag me.” She did and what happened next is a bit unbelievable.

Franco started an Instagram flirtation with her that very night. As many people are pointing out, the screenshots she took could have been faked but he did send two images of himself as proof. In one of them he even held up a piece of paper with her name on it.

The conversation began and continued with Franco asking questions like, “Do you have a bf?” She answered that she was almost 18. Almost. “When is your bday?” “Where are you staying?” “What’s your #?” After she gave him her number the text messages began:

“Can I see you?”  “You’re single?” “What’s the hotel?” “Should I rent a room?”

She asked for a photo, and he answered with a selfie of him waving to the camera. He followed it with, “yes or no? Tomorrow or thurs?” She answered that she would come back when she’s 18 and that her friends wouldn’t believe this. He told her not to tell (it’s a bit late for that) and then she claimed she would meet him if he wrote her name on a piece of paper and took a picture; which he did.

Scandalous. Franco answered all the rumors with a twitter post and Instagram link. The link has been deleted but the tweet read: “I’M NOT! I HOPE PARENTS KEEP THEIR TEENS AWAY FROM ME. Thank you.”

No, James Franco, thank you for material for plenty of jokes to come.

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