Did Mila Kunis Steal A Woman’s Chicken?

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

Mila Kunis is accused of stealing a woman’s chicken years ago. Apparently the woman hasn’t forgotten about the incident.

Childhood friend Kristina Karo claims that her and Mila were very close. Apparently a chicken named Doggie ended the relationship. One day Doggie disappeared and Kristina claims that Mila confessed that she stole the chicken saying “you can have any other chicken as a pet, you have a whole chicken farm.”

Kristina claims that the incident caused emotional distress and went to therapy.

When asked about the alleged chicken-napping, Mila laughed it off saying:”Let’s just get this clear. “You stole a chicken from a one-month-old child who spoke to you in an entire conversation? It’s just shocking to me, “It’s shocking to me that news organizations, real journalists out there that have fact-checked this story didn’t pick up on the fact that this girl was one month old and having a conversation with you from Ukraine.”

So why accused Kunis for stealing? Karl has a music video coming out in the near future. Maybe she is trying to get more publicity for her.

Karo is suing Kunis for $5,000 even though no papers have been served.

Check out Karo’s “Give Me Green Card” music video here!

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