Disappointment Hovers Over The Trump Campaign After Iowa Caucus

photo credit: flickr.com

photo credit: flickr.com

Looking forward to the Iowa caucus, where voters lined up to cast their first primary votes, Donald Trump was more than optimistic and in fact at the time he had every reason to be. He was leading in almost every single poll since he shot into the presidential race. He was an unlikely contender yet he managed to defy the odds in the midst of his controversial remarks.

A day before the Iowa voting kicked off on Monday night, Trump at his final rally in Cedar Rapids said to voters: “We’re going to have a tremendous victory”. When the results started flowing in after the votes were cast, Ted Cruz an unlikely underdog rose to the top of the wolf pack.

The race did attract large numbers of newcomers, with nearly 187,000 voters turning out at caucus sites, those new comers were not won over by Trump, instead they were divided between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Not convincing those new comers may have cost Trump the win because leading up to the Iowa votes, it is reported that Trump may have dropped the ball with campaigning on the ground in Iowa. Trump also admitted that skipping the republican debate due to his feud with Fox host Megyn Kelly, may have been a contributing factor to his runner up position. Despite the unexpected outcome, Trump’s mission now is to regroup.

Whether his second place vs first place is a preview to regression is yet to be seen. Ronald Reagan lost his primary in Iowa in 1980 to George H.W.Bush, in 1988 George H.W. Bush lost Iowa to Bob Dole, in 1992 Bill Clinton lost Iowa and New Hampshire, yet all these candidates still became president after losing their primaries. Only time will tell if Donald Trump will have the same comeback.

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