Donald Trump’s Former Attorney Pens Letter Urging Americans Not To Elect Him As President

Credit: MorgueFile

Credit: MorgueFile

Donald Trump’s former lawyer does not support his bid for the presidency.

In a scathing, lengthy essay for The Huffington Post, Thomas M. Wells made the case as to why Trump is unfit to be the next Commander in Chief.

Wells listed 20 reasons why Trump should not be president, including the fact that he thinks Trump is a liar and is not as successful of a businessman as he likes to say he is.

Wells even reiterated points that Trump’s presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, used throughout the campaign, like the fact that Trump has thin skin and reacts too quickly. Like Clinton, he also criticized Trump for his lack of temperament.

“In many ways, Donald represents the very worst in all of us, or at least many of us,” Wells wrote. “He is the petulant child who wants his way. He is the selfish teenager with no big picture yet. He is the spoiled young man of privilege with the ‘right’ race and religion, education, good looks, and family fortune to succeed easily, and who looks down on others lacking in any of the above who do not.”

He later went on to call Trump a bully.

“Bulles will always exist somewhere, but the White House should not be that somewhere,” the essay read.

This type of essay could be damaging to the former Celebrity Apprentice host’s campaign. If there are any undecided voters who doubted Clinton’s critiques of Trump’s temperament, hearing them from someone who worked so closely to Trump could sway towards believing her and keep them from supporting his bid for the presidency.

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