Donald Trump Is Running For President

Photo Credit: nightfall from

Photo Credit: nightfall from

Ladies and gentlemen, businessman and reality show host Donald Trump is running for President of the United States.

Trump has been open to the idea for years, and now he’s finally taking the next step.

Trump, a Republican candidate, is using the phrase “Let’s make our country great again” claiming in his hour-long speech that “the American dream is dead.”

In the national polls, as of March, Trump’s approval ratings were above 20 percent, however, in another recent poll, over 70 percent of people claimed that they would never vote for him!

We do have to admit, he used the word “stupid” quite a bit in his first speech. He used it in reference to many U.S. leaders, as well as in reference to free trade. He claims that the idea of free trade is “wonderful if you have smart people,” before further clarifying, “We have people who are stupid.”

Trump insulted one of his competitors, Jeb Bush, criticizing his support for immigration reform and common core. Plus, Trump even compared American leaders and Chinese leaders, claiming that Chinese leaders were smarter.

He claimed that he would create jobs, rebuild infrastructure, and build a wall on the Southern border to stop illegal immigration from Mexico. Then he highlighted the fact that his net worth is over $9 billion, meaning that he won’t cater to donors and lobbyists because that would be unnecessary.

Trump officially made this speech and the announcement that he is running for President on Tuesday morning from the Trump Plaza in Manhattan.

What do you think? Does the outspoken Donald Trump have a chance at representing the Republican Party in the 2016 Presidential election?

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