Donald Trump’s Leaked Tax Returns: GOP Nominee Lost Nearly $1 Billion; May Have Paid Zero In Taxes

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It may now be clear why Donald Trump was so adamant in not releasing his tax returns.

Trump’s tax returns have plagued him in the 2016 presidential campaign. His rival, Hillary Clinton, along with countless critics have slammed him for refusing to release them. They said that he, clearly, had to be hiding something. Trump, on the other hand, said he was being audited, and he would not release them until after the audit was complete.

Things have now changed, drastically. On Saturday, The New York Times obtained Trump’s returns from 1995. They were sent to the publication anonymously.

The returns showed that during that year, Trump declared a loss of $916 million. This may have resulted in the businessman not paying taxes for 18 years, which would be completely legal.

After receiving the leaked returns, the publication had them verified by Trump’s longtime accountant, Jack Mitnick.

Trump’s campaign released a statement, saying that the former Celebrity Apprentice host has, in fact, paid a mass amount of money in taxes.

“Mr. Trump is a highly-skilled businessman who has a fiduciary responsibility to his business, his family and his employees to pay no more tax than legally required,” the statement read. “That being said, Mr. Trump has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in property taxes, sales and excise taxes, real estate taxes, city taxes, state taxes, employee taxes and federal taxes.”

The statement is a stark contrast from Monday’s first presidential debate, where Trump said that paying no taxes “makes [him] smart.”

Clinton’s team responded to the leak and slammed him for his possibly massive tax break.

Trump “apparently got to avoid paying taxes for nearly two decades—while tens of millions of working families paid theirs.”

This tax scandal comes shortly after what has been nothing short of a disastrous week for Trump. His debate performance was widely-panned by critics and voters, and he later went on a Twitter rampage about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

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One Response to Donald Trump’s Leaked Tax Returns: GOP Nominee Lost Nearly $1 Billion; May Have Paid Zero In Taxes

  1. Pastor Burt says:

    Donald Trump’s business is business, something that our country needs to be the best in. Business is not playing with legos. Business produce jobs, but real business also produces real risk, which is not for the meek of heart. All great businessmen and all great companies have both years of profit and years of losses, but more profitable years than years of loss. Great businessmen, like Donald Trump, pass through the years of losses like a knife through butter because their eyes are always on the future and the opportunities that are before them today.

    Our tax code gives deductions for losses to encourage businessmen to accept those risks and even to accept those losses, to then go beyond those losses and keep building to profitability and therefore build the national economy Donald Trump as a businessman didn’t do anything wrong, but instead did everything right by properly listing his deductions even in 1995. If you don’t understand capitalism, go to a Socialist country and see the economic stagnation endemic to their economies where neither profits nor losses are tolerated.

    Where did this 1995 tax deduction come from? It was stolen and leaked from the IRS, and this should trouble all of us. Just like we should be deeply troubled by our current FBI, who instead of seeking to jail lawbreakers gives pardon’s to low level management of organized crime, and then destroys all remaining physical evidence of those crimes so that the mafia bosses have no evidence or testimony that could be brought against the heads of that criminal family, in this case the Clintons, in courts of law which for the FBI now is simply a branch of government to be openly subverted.

    Clearly, Donald Trump did not have billion dollar losses multiple years, so the criminal minds running our government and in this case the IRS very carefully selected Donald’s worst possible tax return to leak to the public. The same criminal minds of course could not find the 35,000 emails that the Clinton Foundation sent through Hillary’s RICO Racketeering Email server in her continuing bribery sales (these are all felonies) of the Secretary of State’s office, and our country’s national interests, when of course the FBI’s intent was to instead destroy such evidence, but those criminal minds had no trouble finding that 2 page tax return of twenty years ago in their quest to sink Donald Trump.

    No American should misunderstand Donald Trump’s tax return; that he and all American’s may deduct against business losses. Otherwise, where the tax system to not allow for losses, it would be pure hypocrisy only to tax (and the IRS taxes a lot of) profits. But what All American’s should realize is that these criminal minds have been running our national government for a very long time, sapping our economy of its strength and productivity for personal gain, producing vast unemployment, and terribly poverty to millions of decent American families, destroying American cities.

    You have a choice to make in November. You can either kid yourself and stick with the criminal minds, or bring in to office a business mind, Donald Trump, that can not be corrupted, that knows how to walk through America’s losses to produce America’s profits, while cleaning our government of it’s systemic corruption, and to rebuild our country’s economy. Is the man perfect? No, nobody is. But he is very brilliant, very capable, and he can rebuild our country, which is very much in your best interest to support.

    Pastor Burt

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