Drake Ends Meek Mill’s Career With OVO Fest Performance And More

Photo Credit: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images/ THZ Library

Photo Credit: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images/ THZ Library

When Drake said “please think before you come for the great one,” in his latest diss track to Meek Mill, the hip-hop world thought that was the extent of his response, especially after Meek’s diss “Wanna Know” flopped, big time.

Nobody would have imagined that the rapper with the most serenading singing voice, would go into full savage mode and literally try to destroy his opponent’s entire career with just one performance. After Drake performed “Back to Back” at Monday night’s OVO fest in front of a powerpoint presentation composed of all the hilariously embarrassing memes insulting Meek Mill, he officially put the nail in the coffin, buried Meek’s casket six feet under, and then beat it down six more.

There is no coming back for the Philly rapper. He essentially has two options before him. Meek can simply acknowledge that he has lost the battle and give credit where credit is due. OR, he can release a diss that has to be on par with if not better than the legendary diss track “Ether”—and I can’t say Meek is even on the same playing field with Nas, lyrically, so the odds of that happening may just be slim to none.

Just to further emphasize Drake’s greatness, let’s take a look at his fashion choices from last night—No really. I know he’s been a little iffy where fashion is concerned, but trust me!

You may have noticed that Drake was wearing a very peculiar looking jumpsuit, similar to something a power ranger might wear. Well, if you were one of the many making fun of his fashion sense, then the joke was completely on you, because the outfit was just another testimony to his creativity regarding this beef. The jumpsuit Drake was rocking highly resembled that of the Jordan I jumpsuit, only in OVO colors.

Now if you also recall, Drake rapped these lyrics directed at Meek Mill last night towards the end of his set: “I said you don’t want that three-peat!” He referenced a third diss track, which is rumored to be called “3 Peat,” while also rocking a Michael Jordan replica, who is clearly very familiar with three-peats. Just give him a crown and call him king already.

But wait, there is one more!

Perhaps we were all a little too busy shouting “I’m CHARGED UP” while frantically scrolling down our Twitter feeds last night too notice that Drake was rocking a Toronto Raptors jersey. Not the throwbacks, not the current jerseys, but the new 2015-2016 uniforms! And they are HOT. There are three alternatives, two of which are red, white, and black and the the third is an all black jersey, with gold stripes down the side. Yes, OVO colors and not to mention a tag on the inside which reads “We The North.” —Incredible. The Toronto Raptors official Twitter page thanked Drake and OVO for helping them reveal their newest jerseys last night after the festival. I can already see the entire Raptors team bumping “Back to Back” when they face the Philadelphia Sixers next season. Oh, it’s going to be glorious.

To end the show, Drake sent the people of Toronto in a frenzy when he said this: “You did it to yourself boy. I’ll never let nobody disrespect my city and everything that we stand for.”

Well, I guess this is a lesson learned for Meek Mill. Don’t come for the beef, if you weren’t sent for, especially not with Drake because the “six god is always watching.”

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