Drama at the Grammy’s! Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar’s Politically Charged Performance

PHOTO: http://media.timesrecordnews.com

PHOTO: http://media.timesrecordnews.com

Taylor Swift had an incredible night at the Grammy’s. She won a total of 5 awards which was a statement in itself, but while she stood on stage accepting her award for Album of the year, she used that opportunity to fire back at Kanye West’s lyrics which were aimed at her. Kanye revealed his song “Famous” on his new album “The Life of Pablo” where he claimed that he made Taylor famous by rapping “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / I made that b**** famous.”.

Although the lyrics were misogynistic, Kanye claimed that he had contacted Taylor directly and was adamant that she gave her blessings… Unfortunately for him this was clearly NOT the case!

Taylor fired back by saying: “I want to say to all the young women out there: there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success, or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame,” Swift said. “But if you just focus on the work and you don’t let those people sidetrack you … you’ll look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there, and that will be the greatest feeling in the world.”

I think as a woman, seeing rappers using misogynistic lyrics in hip hop or just ordinary men using misogynistic words towards women in general, has become so unnoticed and the degradation is almost completely ignored that most women have become numb to the shock factor. I admired Taylor’s ability of using the Grammy’s as a platform to claim back her dignity and to make a feminist statement to young woman that they should own their accomplishments and never let anyone (mainly men) define who they are. That message applied to all woman and Taylor couldn’t have chosen a better platform to express that point of view which was clearly aimed at Kanye.

Kendrick Lamar was another artist that made a firm statement at the Grammy’s not shying away from its politically charged message. He emerged onto the stage like a prisoner accompanied by fellow inmates shuffling onto the stage with chained handcuffs. His lyrics highlighted issues of oppression and segregation and the struggles that the black community has faced and is still facing. His message was one of motivation, hence his song “The Blacker the Berry” symbolizing black pride, but also highlighting controversial issues such as the February 2012 fatal shooting of 17-year-old black teen Trayvon Martin mentioned in the final lyrics. Kendrick Lamar received a standing ovation for his well-orchestrated performance.

Even Trevor Noah host of The Daily Show sent out a tweet after the performance praising Lamar and blasting Kanye West saying: “Kendrick is what Kanye would have been if the Kardashians didn’t get him,” Noah tweeted, adding the hashtag “#KingKendrick.”

Kendrick Lamar won Grammy’s for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song.

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