Earl Sweatshirt Attacks Stage Crasher During A Concert In Sydney

Photo Credit: Zana Najjar/THZ

Photo Credit: Zana Najjar/THZ

Earl Sweatshirt was violated by a stage crasher during a recent concert in Sydney, Australia, and he didn’t hold back.

The rapper just kicked off his Ready to Leave Now Tour. During his show in Sydney, a man approached Sweatshirt on stage and wrapped his arms around his neck. Sweatshirt reacted by turning around and punching the stage crasher for self-protection.

A representative for Earl says, “That fan is not hugging him. He approached from behind and his arms are around Earl’s face and neck.” Another rep adds, “Earl was attacked as far as any artist performing onstage would be concerned that is ambushed from behind, not hugged.”

Earl later tweeted, “I’m not a tough guy!! I don’t like my personal space breached just like you. just respect niggas out here man not just me respect everybody.”

He also added, “keep your hands to yourself and don’t sneak up on niggas in the middle of soul bearing.”

Woah, we don’t know who to feel more sorry for, Earl for being violated, or the man who was literally kicked off of stage?

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