Enigmatic Hope Hicks Official WH Comm Director Is Out

The enigmatic Hope Hicks, who has been with Donald Trump almost since the beginning of his presidential bid, having joined his campaign in 2016, is now out as White House Communications Director.

She was given the role on an interim basis when Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci was ousted from the role a mere 10 days after receiving it (and actually before he had ever officially begun it).

It is no surprise that Hicks was given the role and title, as the rumors that she would fill throle permanently have circulated since she took the interim position.

‘Hicks’ relationship with Trump began while she was working for Hiltzik Strategies, a New York public relations firm founded by Matthew Hiltzik, a longtime Hillary Clinton supporter. She went on to leave the firm to work for the Trump Organization for on several projects, including Ivanka Trump’s fashion line.”

She grew close to Trump, reportedly, and has magically appeared to avoid the infighting that has become synonymous with the Trump White House.

Hicks, who is only 28, has reportedly opted to remain in her current office, just outside the Oval, rather than moving into the designated communications office.

Filling the position of White House Comm Director, which is typically a much-desired position, has been difficult for the Trump Administration. In December, campaign spokesperson Jason Miller declined the position. Mike Dubke, who accepted the position, resigned in May, being replaced by press secretary Sean Spicer until his resignation in  in July.

Hicks, who is now Trump’s longest serving (or surviving, depending on how you look at it) political aide, grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut. She worked in modeling as a teenager, even achieving a Ralph Lauren campaign when she was 11 and “as the face of the Hourglass Adventures novels about a time-traveling 10-year-old.”

She got her start in public relations for a New York firm called Zeno Group and began working for Hitzik Strategies in 2012, working for Ivanka Trump.

Trump reportedly bookmarked Hicks, who was then 26, for the role of press secretary for his future presidential campaign as early as January 2015. During the campaign she was in charge of deciding which members of the press would have access to the candidate as well as reportedly taking dictation for Trump’s tweets. The campaign reportedly took a toll on her personal life, with some indicating that it contributed to the breakup of her six year relationship.

It was reported that she is being paid the “highest White House salary” which is $179,700, equal to that of recently ex-Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and former Chief-ofStaff Reince Priebus. Her father is the managing director for D.C. based public relations and lobbying firm Glover Park Group.

She has survived since before the campaign and all through the various White House shake-ups since Trump took office. Anthony Scarmucci planned on allowing her and one other White House communications employees to remain while he was Comm Director and even the reportedly strict, no-nonsense new Chief of Staff John Kelly did not remove her from her position, despite rumors he would clean house in order to create structure within Trump’s White House.

Becoming Communications Director, though still a largely behind-the-scenes position, has garnered Hicks the most publicity she’s received during her time as Trump employee. The question now seems to be whether she can handle the proximity to Trump, her new job and her new-found fame (or infamy depending on who you ask) and exposure? Time will tell.  

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