Eric Garners Widow Turns Down $5 Million Settlement Offer

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Can’t believe it’s already been a year. Eric Garner died at the hands of an NYPD cop, a year ago this week, on July 17, 2014. He was choked to death on camera, as he was begging and pleading for his life, and for what? Selling loose cigarettes, that’s what.

Protesters went crazy when a grand jury rejected the idea of indicting the officer who killed Garner, 43.

A father and grandfather was wrongfully treated a year ago, and a year later Garner’s name is once again making headlines. Esaw Garner, Eric’s’ widow, turned down a $5 million wrongful death settlement that was offered by the city.

Sure, $5 million is a lot of money, but can you really blame her for turning it down? A source says the Garner family lawyer urged her to take the offer, which of course wouldn’t be a bad thing, but it is also quite insulting.

The Daily News quotes a civil rights lawyer, who breaks the settlement offer down for us: According to the law, “settlements are quantified by calculating the victim’s conscious pain and suffering, as well as loss of family income.” This lawyer proceeds to say that Eric Garner’s “conscious pain and suffering” were likely limited to one minute – the minute during which an officer sworn to protect him took his life instead. And for the “family income” point, the Daily News says, “Garner was known to cops for selling loose cigarettes – a hustle that likely didn’t yield big bucks.”

Say what!?

Here’s the message we’re getting, ‘Eric Garner was poor, and because of that, his life wasn’t worth as much as a rich man’s.’ This is just twisted, and then again it’s not an opinion, it’s the law. (Absolutely ridiculous)!

We truly lived in a messed up world, where we prioritize the wrong things. How have they not realized an innocent man who was doing no harm, was killed, and the one responsible, was not indicted at all? What does his income have to do with anything? Why isn’t his life worth much more than $5 million? Rhetorical question, obviously. It should simply be worth everything considering he is a human being! People have done worse, have caused harm, and are walking aimlessly in the streets today. He was killed for no valid reason, and dead or not, he hasn’t been given respect either way.

This is where “black lives matter,” comes in to play. Eric Garners killer, walked away with no charge, and that’s unfortunately because our country devalues black life.

If you ask me, the worst already happened, why make it more horrible? New York City can’t offer something this low, expecting the case to go away. Sorry, doesn’t work like that.

You go Esaw, turning down this settlement may have been the smartest, most powerful statement yet. Eric Garner’s life will always matter, as for every human being’s life should.

White or black, gay or straight, at the end of the day we are all human. Our graves will be the same size. So no one should think their life has more value than the person sitting next to them. Stay humble people, and please, don’t let the dishonorable get away!!

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