Even Harry Potter Cannot Match Donald Trump’s Confidence

Photo Credit: Morgue File

Photo Credit: Morgue File

Monday night, Daniel Radcliffe, explained his very first encounter with Donald Trump on the Late Night With Seth Meyers. The 26-year-old described himself being nervous on his very first appearance on a talk show, and only being 11-years-old at the time.

The young “Harry Potter” star at the time did not really know who Trump was, and their first conversation together does not sound surprising on Trump’s part at all. Their awkward small-talk backstage at The Today Show went like:

Trump: “How are you?”

Radcliffe: “I’m really nervous, I don’t know what I’m going to talk about on the show”

Trump: “Just tell them you met Mr. Trump”

Imagine being a rising child star at 11-year-old and already being hit with the “Hollywood” attitude, especially from Trump? Radcliffe says, “To this day, I can’t even relate to that level of confidence,”

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