Family Guy and Simpsons Crossover is Finally Here

Photo Credit: Fox

Photo Credit: Fox

The world no longer has to wonder what would be the product of Griffins meet The Simpsons. The five minute crossover has been revealed!

In the Sept. 28 season premiere, “The Simpsons Guy,” the albino Griffins wind up by accident in Springfield, where they are greeted warmly by the hepatits-y Simpsons. But a fast friendship christened with delicious doughnuts may be forever destroyed by an argument over Pawtucket Patriot Ale and Duff Beer, which leads to an epic chicken fight.

To see the collision of these two animated worlds—plus a cameo by Bob from Bob’s Burgers—check out nearly five minutes of footage from the double-sized episode, which was screened on Saturday during the Family Guy panel at Comic-Con.

In the clip, Bart and Stewie try to bond with… nothing less than entertaining results. Bart is a dazzling skateboarder; Stewie can barely operate one. Bart performs one of his classic schoolboy prank call to Moe’s Bar; Stewie ups the ante with a much more inappropriate one.

Not surprisingly, the two big men also engage in a huge fight throughout Springfield that includes punches, a runaway bus and, of course, a nuclear accident.

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