Fifteen Amazing Hacks For Fixing Ruined Clothes

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Got a nasty wine stain on your favorite dress? Worry no more; these 20 hacks are here to the rescue!

Fix a stuck zipper with petroleum jelly and a cotton swab. Rub this combo onto the area that is stuck, and voila!

Prevent a tear in your tights with clear nail polish. Gently brush clear nail polish on the damaged area and it will work as protection from further runs.

Tug a pulled thread back into place by pulling the fabric around it. Alternate tugging the fabric on the sides of the thread, and the fabric above and below the thread.

Use Dawn Dishwashing Liquid to remove oil stains from delicate clothing. The dish soap is gentle enough to remove oil or grease.

Remove red wine stains with white wine. Soak the spot in white wine for a few minutes and then wash the stain.

Make your leather shoes shiny again with a tiny amount of glass cleaner.

In order to eliminate sweat and odor in your sneakers after a workout, pour a little bit of baking soda in them and then dust it off.

Stick your sweaters in the freezer overnight to stop them from shedding. This is good for cashmere or wool sweaters that just won’t stop shedding!

Place your jeans in a plastic bag and stick them in the freezer to remove bad odors. If you’re too concerned about throwing your favorite pair in the washer, but your jeans cannot withstand another wear, the cold temperatures will kill most of the bacteria and they will smell as good as new.

Remove deodorant marks with a pair of light-wash jeans. Make sure that they are not dark jeans because the dye might transfer onto the fabric.

Remove stubborn foundation stains with shaving cream. Rub a bit of shaving cream on the smudge and then toss it in the washing machine.

Treat a lipstick stain with hairspray. Spray, dab, and then wash.

Multiuse your clear nail polish over a loose button to prevent it from falling.

Use your nail file to clean stubborn dirt off suede shoes by buffing it right out.

Brush off water stains on leather boots with a combination of toothbrush and vinegar. Dip the brush in vinegar and gently rub to remove the stain.


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