First Grader Brings 10 Bags of Heroin to Class

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What has our world come to that we cannot even send our children to school without having to worry about them? Now we have to worry about keeping our children away from drugs as early as seven years old!

Twenty first-grade students were taken to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia after police say a student brought eleven packs of heroin into a classroom at Commodore John Barry Elementary School at 59th and Race Streets.

According to School district spokesman, Fernando Gallard, police were called to the scene after a first-grade teacher saw one of her pupils playing with the packets. Two of the packets had been opened, investigators say, and one had been chewed open. The seven-year-old girl who is believed to have brought the heroin packets to school was complaining of dizziness and stomach pains.

All 20 students in the classroom were bused to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for evaluation and possible treatment. Gallard says first-graders are not searched when they come to school. They are not sure how the child came to possess the drug and are sure she and her fellow students had no idea it was a potentially deadly narcotic.

Along with the ten packets found at the scene an additional packet of heroin was found in the little girl’s jeans. After learning police and fire units were at the school, parents raced down to see their children. Reports say the parents were angered by the fact that they were not called down to the school sooner.

The mother of the girl who is believed to have brought the heroin left the school at about 2:30 p.m., clearly distraught. Police were reportedly questioning her, and she has not been charged.

Police say a K-9 unit also searched the school to make sure there were no other narcotics present.

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