First Lady Insults Gone Too Far – Twitter To Her Rescue

Photo Credit: Morgue File

Photo Credit: Morgue File

Recently leaked to the media is what was supposed to be a racist insult aimed at our First Lady of The United States Michelle Obama, and praising Donald Trumps wife Melania Trump. An artist by the name Ban Garrison set to Twitter and tweeted “InTrumpsAmerica The #FirstLady will be Great Again! #Trump2016” and along with that subliminal blow to our current First Lady is a cartoon depicting her as a butch in a green dress being very muscular “manly” and having it look like she had a bulge in her groin area making it look like she had a penis. Excuse my bluntness but that’s what it looked like. While on the other side is Melania Trump in a pink gown looking like she just won Miss Universe holding a “Trump” Sign with the caption of making the First Lady Great Again…..What is she going to do to make the First Lady Great Again….buy shoes….anyway the cartoon has been dubbed “racist and misogynistic” meaning a person who doesn’t like women. Says a lot seeming how Ben Garrison got the First Lady all wrong. He has probably never been as lucky to have seen her in person, but the cartoon is getting a lot of bad attention from the media and supporters. Garrison reportedly gloated at the followers he gained from the cartoon and called the critics “Cry babies”. Garrison is said to be known for his controversial cartoons and is a heavy supporter of Republican Donald Trump saying he is “fun to draw” which could very well mean funny to looks at. I’m just saying….

While Trump tries to gain supporters he can’t help but to keep his size whatever out of his mouth and his trolling campaign supporters are not helping his Presidency cause at all. While he seems to keep gaining popularity around the people that are paid to like to him….he is losing popularity with people who could have voted for him. His campaigning tactics have been some of the worst we have seen, to condoning riots at his campaigns to bailing out supporters who beats up anyone protesting at Trump rallies, this man is supposed to be a candidate for the next President of the United States. All in all the facts remain clear as one Tweeter pointed out defending FLOTUS Michelle Obama…Marcus Wesson tweeted “A Princeton and Harvard Law School educated lawyer  vs. a Slovenia high-school dropout turned model/gold-digger #yeahright” is enough said. Shoots fired! This is turning out to be a real friendly campaign huh?

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