Four Major American Sports Teams No One Wants To Watch

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Sometimes we fall in love with our teams. Sometimes we hate our beloved teams. Fans will not come in droves if the teams are doing so bad. Even if the teams are doing great, their attendance will not reflect that. Here are the four major American sports teams that no one wants to watch:

Tampa Bay Rays- Why would a team who has been very consistent up until this year on this list? Easy, the attendance. The Rays have the lowest attendance in all of Major League Baseball. They shouldn’t be on list because they are such a great team. It is a shame that their fans is not showing up for their games.

Milwaukee Bucks- The Bucks have the lowest attendance in the NBA and their team is clearly in rebuilding mode. Not to mention that their stadium needs work. The Bucks may not going anywhere in the next few years but they must do something about their fans not coming to games.

Arizona Coyotes- You would think that a team that was once coached by the great one Wayne Gretzky would draw a lot of fans. It didn’t. The Coyotes are at a crossroad in their franchise and changing their names back to the Phoenix Coyotes didn’t help. They are desperate for fans.

Jacksonville Jaguars- The Jaguars haven’t been good since the Mark Brunell days. They are struggling to fill up seats at their stadium. The Jaguars hope that Blake Bortles can help them fill up seats.

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