Four Signs The Person You Are With Isn’t Right For You

credit: morguefile

credit: morguefile

We all been through that road before. We meet a guy/girl we like and we get to know them. We fall in love but is the person you are with really for you? With that in mind, here are four signs that the person you love isn’t for you:

  • You Changed Alot- We all want to be loved by someone and sharing interest with someone is vital in a relationship. When you are single, you was hanging out with your friends and family. In a relationship, things change. After a while, as you became closer with your significant other,  you spend less and less time with the people you care about. Even if you are out with your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend would be constantly texting you to see what you are up to.If you’re in a relationship that changes you and the way you used to live your life, maybe you should think about whether or not it’s a healthy relationship.
  • He/She Is Automatically The “Hubby/Wifey”– Do you ever cringe when your significant other says “That’s my Wife/Husband” even though you are not married to each other? I know I do. A great relationship starts with mutual respect and a desire to foster the development of each partner. Love isn’t a contest for attention or wish fulfillment. If she/he don’t have a ring on the finger, then he/she is not considered to be your hubby/wifey. You don’t have to please your significant other with nonsense wordplay.
  • Avoiding His/Her Company– We all get busy in life but you can’t get busy for your relationship. If you can’t see him or her occasionally, then its time to reconsider your relationship.
  • Reading/Seeking Help For Your Relationship– This is very common in relationships. Relying on a “How To Save A Relationship” book isn’t going to help. If he/she is not right for you, don’t waste your time. You’re worth it!

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