“Fox And Friends” Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck Calls Black Lives Matter Movement A Hate Group

Photo creds: Morgue file

Photo creds: Morgue file

Fox News isn’t exactly known for its objective views despite promising to deliver fair and balanced news—and reporters like Elisabeth Hasselbeck probably don’t restore any faith in their already tainted image.

On Monday, while hosting “Fox and Friends” Hasselbeck questioned why those behind the Black Lives Matter Movement have not yet been classified as a hate group, which as should have been expected received major backlash. The question stemmed from a discussion about protesters in Minnesota, that rallied while chanting “Fry em’ like bacon. Pigs in a blanket!” directed at police officers and their recent crimes against blacks. In response to her question, guest speaker and writer Kevin Jackson, known for his conservative views, called the movement a “stain on the nation” financed by leftists who don’t actually care about black people in America. Yikes.

Rosie O’Donnell, Hasselbeck’s former co-host from  “The View” fired back, tweeting “some [are] slow to wake,” but Hasselbeck didn’t back down or apologize on any level. Instead she took to her own Twitter to defend herself, claiming that she was simply doing her job as a journalist by asking questions and enforcing her views as a Christian to love all God’s people. However, this seems a bit counterproductive as the basis of the Black Lives Matter movement is that they are not loved, and are they not God’s people as well?

Given her previous comments about Sandra Bland and how she may have possibly threatened the officer that arrested her in Texas, Hasselbeck’s reputation along with that of Fox continues to deteriorate. Unfortunately, this particular sentiment was worded so poorly.

It is not completely out of line to question the outcome of those particular protesters given that their chant could very well spark violent attacks on the police, which only furthers the strife between law enforcement and black people. Given the amount of deaths among cops recently, the outrage on both ends of this very ugly race war are understandable. However, to go as far as to call a group of people that have undergone such horrific circumstances and so frequently in the past months is tremendously insensitive and offensive.


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