Frat Brothers Back In Court Again For Death of Penn State Pledge

Credit: Morgue File

The preliminary trial for whether or not 18 frat brothers will stand trial for the death of Penn State pledge Timothy Piazza resumed Monday. 

During the trial, text messages were revealed from the night of the incident in which the student died back in February. 

The president of the fraternity, Brendan Young, texted his girlfriend that Piazza “looked f***ing dead” and that he would be “accountable” following the pledge’s death, testified Detective Scicchitano.

Pledge master Daniel Casey also texted his girlfriend that night.

“I think we’re f***ed. I don’t want to go to jail for this.” 

Frat brother Ed Gilmartin sent a text to Casey warning him to “make sure pledges stays quiet”. 

Judge Allen Sinclair will rule on Tuesday whether or not there is enough evidence for the brothers to stand trial. 

The preliminary hearing, which started last month, was only meant to last a day. However, video evidence emerged that showed the final hours of Piazza’s life. 

It was clear that Piazza was in need of emergency help, but no one made the call. His death occurred after a booze-fueled incident. It happened just before 11:30pm on February 2. 

The video showed Piazza, who was drunk, falling and rolling around the floor, before vomiting in his sleep and going in and out of consciousness. 

At the same time, one brother body slammed him onto a couch. Another frat member, Jonah Neuman, sat on Piazza’s legs so he wouldn’t fall while checking ESPN scores on his phone. 

The next morning, concerns started to grow. He was seen at 7:20am walking towards the basement stairs and then wasn’t seen again for almost two hours.

At 10am, video shows the men carrying Piazza’s body back to a couch. It was clear that Piazza was in a very bad way, yet the men didn’t call for help until 45 minutes after this. 

He was rushed to hospital on February 3 and died the next day. He died from multiple traumatic injuries after falling down stairs twice. 

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