Freddie Gray Case Against Baltimore Cop Ceaser Goodson

Photo Credit: Morgue File

Photo Credit: Morgue File

Freddie Gray was 25 and a resident of Baltimore when he was ok reportedly arrested on a suspicion of a gun charge and was handcuffed and brutally thrown in the back of a police paddy-wagon and taken on a “rough ride.” The rough ride tactics are used to treat prisoners with some rough housing before they reach booking. This is reportedly what caused Freddie’s spinal injury and cause of his death. The driver and cop Ceaser Godson is facing the heaviest charges out of the 6 cops charged with ha death because he was driving. Freddie Gray, died in April 2015, about a week after he was arrested and placed into a prisoner van Goodson was driving.

The untimely death of Freddie erupted  protests that turned violent, setting fire to Baltimore literally, riots, stand-offs and pelting the city into the war and injustice of police brutality. Goodson faces the most serious charges, including second-degree depraved heart murder, a charge foreign to most states. The charge implies that the defendant acts with extreme indifference with regard to the human consequences and effects of their actions.

In Goodson’s defense his lawyer is saying that Gray caused his own injuries and is during the District Attorney for defeat ion of character. The lawyer is saying there is no proof of the rough ride just a video showing the police van running a stop sign. He allegedly also stated that Gray didn’t ask for help until after the ride and prior they thought Gray was faking his injuries.

Baltimore has been in a lengthy struggle with the residents who face poverty and racial indifference and now murder of their neighbors by ones that are meant to serve and protect. The judge will rule on Goodson’s fate today.

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