From “The Bill Cosby Show”….To “The Bill Cosby Trial”

Should Bill Cosby Stand Trial?

Bill Cosby made a legacy being a stand up perfect father and comedian, starring in and producing “The Cosby Show.” Now Mr. Cosby will make another debut in the court room as he is sentenced to go to trial for sexual assualt. Now, we have “The Bill Cosby Trial” that will go down in history along with his name that was accused by not 5, 10, or even 20 women, which is still an astonishing number, but 60 women allegedly have accused Mr. Bill Cosby of sexual assault. Being a celebrity often makes you the usual target for extortionist, gold-diggers, and crooks all the like, but that doesn’t explain the actions that took place. If Mr. Cosby is convicted of sexual assault against Andrea Constand in the 2004 case against him that was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money he can face 10 years in prison. It’s no surprise that with the 12 year statute of limitations anniversary drawing near that the prosecution would request that Cosby go to trial before they(it) ran out of time. Bill’s attorney, Brian McMonagle says, …”It’s a complete denial of this defendants due process rights.”

To help us again gain more clarity from the defense and prosecution side of this trial we have summoned an expert on the matter, Attorney Diane C. Bass. Criminal Attorney Bass is often a frequent face on FOX News giving her expertise and opinions in all matters from criminal to political cases and news in the U.S. and around the world. Here is what Attorney Diane C. Bass had to say regarding Mr. Bill Cosby’s summons to go to trial.

The statute of limitations in sexual assault cases varies from state to state. The statute in Pennsylvania, where the current charges have been filed, is 12 years. The district attorney’s office has filed charges at this time to avoid letting the statute of limitations run. Whether or not they can prove the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt is yet to be seen. The judge ruled that there is sufficient evidence to reasonably infer that Mr. Cosby committed this crime. That is a very low bar. The alleged victim in this case went to the police in 2005, a year after the incident allegedly occurred, which is suspicious in and of itself. But more important is the fact that no charges were filed for 11 years. The DA’s office believes that Mr. Cosby’s deposition testimony is their smoking gun because he said he gave women Quaaludes and had sex with them. Many people used Quaaludes and had sex back in those days. That is not an admission that he used the drugs to rape them, nor is it an admission that he gave this woman Quaaludes. It will be extremely difficult for Mr. Cosby to receive a fair trial in light of all of the media attention he has received about all of the other allegations. Separating this case from the others for the jury might be close to impossible. – Diane C. Bass, Defense Attorney


Photo Credit: Diane C. Bass/ Lois Katz Public Relations

Diane C Bass – Criminal Attorney

With Cosby’s formal arraignment being waived by himself, it will however be held on July 20, 2016. Cosby has sued some of his accusers for defamation and also settled a lawsuit by Constand in 2005. More on the story as it unfolds. Thank you to our Attorney expert Attorney Diane C. Bass and Lois Katz Public Relations for all of your help.

Photo Credit: Lois Katz – Lois Katz Public Relations

Lois Katz Public Relations

Should Bill Cosby Stand Trial?


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