George Takei and Donald Trump Talk Same-Sex Marriage

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Hey, Trekkies – listen up. George Takei (AKA Mr. Sulu from the Star Trek series) recently reported that he and business mogul Donald Trump once had a particularly interesting discussion about gay marriage. Your ears are probably already peaked, aren’t they? Let’s learn more.

Takei, who came out as gay in October 25, said he “challenged” Trump to a discussion about gay marriage over lunch two years ago. Apparently, Trump turned to Takei and said that he “just came from a gay marriage” and that the ceremony was “beautiful.” He also described the newlyweds as “wonderful friends.” Sounds great and not like the Trump we know, who was recently fired for derogatory comments about immigrants from Mexico. But just wait. He’s about to get all Trumpy again.

Takei inquired why Trump still couldn’t get behind marriage equality. Trump said he was an advocate for “traditional marriage.” However, Takei saw this as just a bit ironic. After all, Trump has been married thrice, which isn’t typically traditional.

But Takei isn’t down on Trump for his three marriages. He understands that “you want to find the person that you love.” What he disagrees with is that he sees the United States Constitution as “a living document.” Trump sees words that are “carved in stone.”

Finally, Takei went so far as to claim that Trump’s “interpretation of marriage” probably isn’t even something he holds true. A traditional marriage, according to Takei and presumably, many others, is a union in which people “love each other, commit to each other, [and] care for each other.” In Trump’s marriages (at least as far as the public eye can see) this might not be the case. But we hope that Takei’s marriage to his husband, Brad, is all of those wonderful things.

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