George Zimmerman Retweets Photo Of Trayvon Martin’s Body

Credit: Morgue File

Credit: Morgue File

If you read the headline of this article, chances are you already fuming and reached the color of the blood mood Sunday night. I did.

George Zimmerman isn’t exactly a celebrity; he’s more like an unfortunate example of life who’s gained the support of other unfortunates who lack sufficient amount of brain cells. Since killing Trayvon Martin in 2012 and being acquitted for the murder, setting the precedent for the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, Zimmerman hasn’t kept a low profile. He’s had several run ins with the police including three domestic abuse allegations, and has used his Twitter account to perpetuate his racist views. I mean, the man uses a confederate flag for his profile picture. That should say enough.

Clearly, he feeds off of negative publicity because he is back in the media’s eye with what is perhaps his most disgusting transgression yet. On Monday morning, Zimmerman reportedly retweeted a photo of Martin’s dead body on the crime scene in response to an admirer who boasted that he was a “one man army.” The tweet has since then been deleted, but Zimmerman’s account remains active and open for the criticism that has been flooding his notifications. Rightfully so.

I can’t determine what is more disturbing. The fact that this man took an innocent boy’s life and still expresses zero remorse. Worse, he uses Twitter to boast about it and promote his notoriety. If you continue to scroll down his timeline you are bound to come across more than a handful of tweets calling black people apes and mocking them as if he were a white master taming his slaves. Or is it more infuriating that this man actually has “fans.” Some followers can actually be seen asking him to follow them back so they can brag to their friends about it. I am pretty much speechless.

Incidents like this and others involving blatant racism and disrespect for the lives of people of color, just makes you question why we live in a world so dark. And the problem is that we’ve been asking ourselves these questions a little too often.

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