Giants Jason Pierre-Paul Talks Publically About The Fireworks Accident That Disfigured His Hand

Credit: Morgue File

Credit: Morgue File

Jason Pierre-Paul, the defensive end for the New York Giants, spoke to the media for the first time on Friday about the accident that deformed his hand and almost cost him his career.

The accident happened on the fourth of July. Pierre-Paul was putting on the fireworks show for the neighborhood kids, a show he had put on for the last six years, when a firework went off.

At the moment of the explosion Pierre-Paul says, ‘’I wasn’t in shock… I looked at my hand. My fiancée was going crazy, but I kept calm through the whole situation. It wasn’t frightening at all. I’m not going to go into the details. It happened. I’ve lived and learned.” Pierre-Paul didn’t reveal the complete story, saying the full story will come out at a later date.

Pierre-Paul’s right finger was amputated following the accident and he says he is fortunate to be alive, “I was in the hospital… I saw a kid die, at the age of 12-years-old. There were probably 12 people in the hospital, and my hand is the best one. I am just fortunate to have one.”

Pierre-Paul also commented on his silence towards the team when they inquired about his injury. He says, “You can’t do nothing when you are on anesthesia… You are in and out [of consciousness] I had no reason not to let them in. I just didn’t know who was making my decisions. Could have been the doctors. That is over now.”

Pierre-Paul who returned to the New York Giants a few months ago says he wasn’t worried about his career. He says, “I am still the same Jason Pierre-Paul. Skill set hasn’t changed… There is not going to be a major adjustment. As far as my hand goes, I will get used to it. I am just fortunate enough to play football again.” Pierre-Paul will wear a glove especially designed for his damaged right hand. He is not planning on traveling with the team to New Orleans for the game this Sunday but will return to the field when he feels ready.

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