‘Google Play Music’ Launches Free Streaming Option

Credit: morguefile.com

Credit: morguefile.com

Apple Music launches on June 30, but Google just made a big move that may have stolen the spotlight.

Google’s music streaming app, Google Play Music, now offers a free, ad-supported version that uses Songza to offer playlists for every part of your day.

However, many of you may be thinking about Taylor Swift’s public letter to Apple from earlier this week. You know, the one where she publically criticized the new Apple Music for offering music for free?

Fortunately for Google, the service they’re offering is a little bit more different. Plus, the company will still be paying artists even if a user is streaming with the free version of their application. They learned from Apple’s mistakes.

Google Play Music differentiates their services from other streaming services like Jay-Z’s TIDAL, Spotify, and Apple Music by offering a listening experience that can be compared to FM radio.

You can set the tone for what kind of music you’d like to hear, but you won’t have complete control over every song.

This means that Google has countless playlists for any mood you may be trying to set: workout jams, poolside vibes, or perhaps a soundtrack for your romantic candle-lit dinner. Google has faith that these playlists deliver good quality, because actual human beings have crafted them.

The only time you will be employing a computer to select your music is when you want to make a playlist based on a specific song or album.

So, Google Play Music will not give users completely free access to all of an artist’s music. One of Google’s product managers, Elias Roman, said, “What we don’t think we should be offering for free is…the key to Tower Records.”

The service acts more as a ‘one touch’ experience, meaning that you can hit play once and let the application do the rest. This way, you don’t have to go back to your device to find a new song every four minutes.

Google Play Music is hoping that this free option will entice more users to switch over to their streaming service. Plus, in the long run, Google is hoping that users who are happy with the app will start paying $10 every month for the ad-free, full-control version.

However, we think that this ad-supported version of Google Play Music sounds like an interesting offer. So, let us know which streaming service you think makes the most convincing argument.

Which application will you choose?



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