Heir Hunter Found Prince’s Heir to 1/7th of his $300 Million Fortune



In the ongoing headlines of celebrity news is still the untimely death of the popular Artist Prince. Now comes the battle over who is to inherit his millions, which is the case after every celebrity passes away. However, we never see them fighting over the debt though…anyway Heir Hunters International is America’s premier international genealogical research and heir finding firm. Maintained by banks, lawyers, estate administrators, professional conservators and trustees, insurance companies, and corporations, among others, Heir Hunters International has handled cases totaling well over $100,000,000.00. (http://heirhuntersinternational.com/about-us/)

This is the company that gets the credit for finding Princes heir Victoria age 13, who lives in Minnesota. 13-year-old Victoria is the daughter of “Duane Joseph Nelson, Princes half-bloods brother son. Duane N. Joseph died in March 2011, and his son Duane “Casper” Joseph Nelson Jr. father of Victoria died unexpectedly at the age of 26 in December of 2005.

“As the only surviving direct descendant of Prince’s half blood brother, Victoria inherits her grandfather’s share of Prince’s estate, which translates into a one-seventh share.” – Heir Hunters Rep. Which equals to about $42 Million, Victoria will be set for life. The money will most likely be put into a trust fund until she is 18. A guardian will have to petition money from the courts if they want access before she turns 18. Heir Hunter confirms that Victoria’s name nor her grandfathers were named as beneficiaries of his estate. Company boss John Hilbert states they thin she is entitled to a portion of the estate. I think from my legal studies that has something to do with a “birth-right law”. I could be wrong, but if Heir Hunters think she is entitled a piece of the Paisley Park Estate she will get it.

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