Hope Solo Suspended 6 Months, Will Miss No Important Matches

PHOTO: morguefile.com

PHOTO: morguefile.com

Hope Solo has been suspended by US soccer for her comments following the Quarterfinal loss to Sweden. Solo has been suspended for 6 months by US soccer. Many experts believe that the “cowards” comment was just the final straw in a series of unfortunate behavior that has defined Solo over the past few years.


As reported earlier on this website,  Hope Solo calls Swedish team “a bunch of cowards” Solo called the Swedish team “a bunch of cowards” for not playing the US team more aggressively and essentially collapsing down into a defensive shell and trying to beat the US with long balls over the top of the defense. The tactic worked and the Swedish team defeated the US and then went on to defeat Brazil and come very close to winning the gold medal when they lost to Germany in the final by a score of 2-1. The silver medal for the Swedes disproved Solo’s prediction that the Swedish team “won’t go far in the tournament” because of the tactics by former US coach Pia Sundage.

Solo is starting to sound like Brendan Fraser in “School Ties”


Solo issued a defense of her outlandish behavior in a statement to ESPN’s  Grant Wahl. Solo said; “I could not be the player I am without being the person I am, even when I haven’t made the best choices or said the right things.”

Solo seems to be defending her poor sportsmanship by saying that it is just her personality to be an ass. If past behavior is any indication, she is correct.

“She’s a chronically rattled and rattling soul, the American goalkeeper. Let’s face it: For every shiny marketing moment and big victory she’s been a part of, she’s given the U.S. a nasty unwanted drama. The victories usually smoothed over her behavior. Not this time. This time she went pure loser and lout.” Said The Washington Post reporter Sally Jenkins.

Solo’s teammates were also critical of the goalie.

“I mean really disappointed, to be honest,” U.S. teammate Megan Rapinoe said of Solo in an interview with NBC Sports  “That’s not our team, that’s not what this team has always been, that’s not what this team will be in the future.”

Solo appears to be al out of friends at this point and yet she still doesn’t really want to take ownership of her poor conduct. Solo is one of the greatest players in US soccer history but she has also been polarizing with her comments.

I don’t understand her behavior. Did she not get the basic sportsmanship training when she was in grade school? The worst thing you can do as an athlete is complain when you lose. There are many athletes who celebrate too much when they win. While this is seen as poor sportsmanship, it isn’t nearly as bad as the worst. The worst behavior is always the “sore loser.” We all know this from youth athletics. It feels bad enough to lose, you don’t have to compound it with being the sore loser who complains about the loss as being something other than your fault. It is even more shameful to call the team that beat you out for their cowardly play. Solo just seems to not get it.

The suspension is not very severe given the statements that Solo has made. The US women’s soccer team does not have a tournament for three years. Solo will only miss international friendly matches with her 6 month suspension. The punishment is convenient for US soccer since Solo will miss no important matches in the next 6 months. A toothless punishment will only enable Solo more and make her believe that she can really do anything and get away with it. US soccer really dropped the ball with the punishment

It appears that they are just as big a cowards as Solo thinks the Swedish team is.

In October 2015, a Washington appeals court determined she will face charges on an alleged domestic violence incident that occurred in June 2014. Solo’s half-sister, Teresa Obert, alleges Solo attacked her and her teenage son.

She didn’t get suspended from the Olympics because of this incident? Now i know that US soccer is scared of Hope Solo. Attacking a family member and her son? Now that is the act of a coward. Playing long ball and trying to win with a defensive strategy is just smart soccer. Have a nice vacation Hope. Maybe US soccer will see the light and simply kick you off the team once they find a better goalie who won’t cause them so much shame.

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