In 2016, Will Your Vote Be Affected By Broken Voting Machines?

Credit: Flickr

Credit: Flickr

Ahead of the presidential election next year, states are scrambling to collect enough money to replace the voting machines used to cast the ballot. If not replaced, their age could cause technical glitches and affect the result.

According to reports, the average lifespan of a voting machine is 10-15 years, and 43 states will be using machines of that age. 14 states Will be using machines older than 15 years. This means they are reaching the end their life and their reliability is decreasing every year. If not replaced in time, it could have disastrous effects on the two candidates that will battle for the Oval Office.

The problem is that states do not want to spend the money on repairing them in time – and this could lead to your vote either not counting, or going to the other candidate.

The problems, if not addressed, would begin with technical glitches or crashes on the day of the election, which would cause delays in voting. However,  problems can become more serious. Virginia recently decertified a voting system used in 24 percent of precincts after finding that an external party could access the machine’s wireless features to “record voting data or inject malicious data.

Almost every state is using machines that are no longer being manufactured and thus make it difficult to get repaired.

“We’re just really concerned,” one county election official in Missouri told the Kansas City Star recently. “Going into a presidential election year with old equipment – we don’t want to be another Florida.”

The official is referring to the 2000 election between George Bush and Al Gore, when a voting glitch led to a recount. The win went to Bush, despite Gore receiving more popular votes.

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