Innocent Teen Spent 35 Days Behind Bars Because Of Name Mix-Up

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You would think that before you put someone in jail you would make sure you do everything possible to make sure you have the right guy, right?

The innocent Cody Williams happened to have the same name as the real suspect, and he was also born in the same year as him. Believe it or not, but he even went to the same Florida school as him.

Four cops have now been “disciplined” for the wrongful arrest of Cody Lee Williams, 18, who didn’t even have the same middle name as the one who had been accused of having sex with a young girl. The real suspect had the middle name of “Raymond.” You would think that something as simple as a middle name could’ve easily been looked at by the cops so that the innocent person wasn’t put in jail for over a month.

“Other than the name, there’s no other similarities,” Kris Nowicki, Cody Lee Williams’ attorney, told the Los Angeles Times yesterday. “Cody Williams had never met this girl and didn’t know anything about her.”

According to the Florida-Times Union, a girl who was younger than 12 had told investigators that she had sex with an older boy by the name of Cody Williams on Halloween in 2012. The innocent Williams was arrested two months later on a sexual battery charge. He was 17 at the time of the reported crime and was charged as an adult by State Attorney Angela Corey’s office.

“Not only did they not do a photo lineup, but further … they put him directly into adult court, filing an affidavit that not only is it this guy, but he did something so serious that he should be charged as an adult,” Nowicki said.

The innocent Williams, who has had some legal trouble with marijuana in the past, “said he was aghast by the charge” when he was arrested at his house.

“I can’t even tell you the horror of hearing those words,” said Williams. “My heart just started beating really fast and all my insides just kind of dropped.”

Cody Raymond Williams (the real suspect) was charged on January 23, and is scheduled for a pretrial hearing on March 4.

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