iPhones Frozen By Hackers Demanding Ransom

Photo Credit: Morguefile.com

Photo Credit: Morguefile.com

Cyber hackers have discovered a new way of hacking your phone, by freezing it. What started in Australia has gone viral. Hackers have found their way into people’s phones. It has been said that people’s data and info was taken during a breach by the use of Apple ID’s. Once the hackers get control of your phone they freeze it and demand ransom to unlock it.

The hacker, whose name appears to be Oleg Pliss, has managed to exploit the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature, which can track and remotely lock stolen devices.

Users have been told to send ransoms of between $50 and $100 Australian dollars to a PayPal account in order to have their devices unlocked.

David Emm, from security firm Kaspersky Lab, said: “It seems likely that cybercriminals gained access to Apple ID credentials, for example by using phishing e-mails targeting Apple IDs.” “This is clearly a form of ransomware, previously only seen on PC and, recently, on Android devices – although in these cases malware was used to trigger this behavior. This campaign is further proof that cybercriminals are adopting criminal business models developed for the PC, applying them to new areas and fine-tuning their methods.”

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