Is There A ‘White Chicks 2’ Coming Soon?

PHOTO: Morgue File

PHOTO: Morgue File

Marlon Wayans is getting our hopes up!

On Sunday, the actor posted a fake movie poster on Instagram advertising a fantasy ‘White Chicks 2’ film and included the caption, “Show of hands who wants to see the sequel to this? 300,000 likes and I may make this our next movie.”

Surprise, surprise…the post has well over 300,000 likes.

The first film came out in 2004 (that’s over ten years ago!) and fans are reeling at the possibility of a sequel. In 2013, Wayans mentioned that the cast was considering making another White Chicks film, but no other implications have surfaced until now!

Since Wayans posted the picture, rumors have now begun to swirl around this potential sequel, with some suggesting that brothers Keenan, Shawn and Marlon Wayans will write and produce it.

Fans of the first movie are curious how the sequel will do with today’s film culture. Since the majority of the comedy in the original White Chicks revolved around tropes and fads of the early 2000s, can the potential sequel move into the new decade and remain funny?

Either way, everybody loves a good dose of nostalgia, so we really hope these White Chicks rumors are true!

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