‘It’s Called Twitter, Not T-tter!’: Woman Accidentally Sends Dad Nude Selfie

Photo Credit: MarcoMaru from morguefile.com

Photo Credit: MarcoMaru from morguefile.com

Are you ready to just cringe in your seat as you read? Think I’m exaggerating? Just sit back and keep reading.

They say one of the worst things you can do is send naked pictures of yourself to people. It can always end up on the internet, shared with people you don’t want seeing your naked body, or in this odd scenario, you can end up sending it to your father by accident.

That’s what one California woman by the name of Nyjah Cousar did. She claims she meant to send the naked selfie to her boyfriend but by accident sent it to her father.

Nyjah Cousar became an instant web sensation Tuesday night after she started chronicling what happened via her @dearfashionn Twitter handle.

First up, she asked fellow users how to delete a text.

She then posted a screen grab of her father’s reply; it showed that he’d also repeatedly tried to call her.

“Did you mean to send me this?” he wrote, before later adding, “Answer the phone NOW!”

“Is this what you do whole (sic) you’re at school,” he then messaged his daughter, adding, “for money?”

Cousar, apparently still refusing to take her pop’s calls, then signed off by tweeting, “goodnight yall. remember #dontsendnudestodaddy!”

The fallout didn’t stop there simply because she didn’t answer her father’s calls or messages. Instead the next day she showed users a video of her dad Carlton Cousar showing up at her house to vent his anger.

Video clips that hear him telling off his daughter through a locked door have since been posted to her Instagram account.

“It’s called Twitter, not T-tter,” he’s also heard shouting.

I’m sorry but that is the funniest comeback I have ever heard from a parent. I would have gotten beat simply for laughing my butt off at that comment.

Cousar has since come under fire by the media, many speculate the incident was all for show.

What do you think real life disaster or scripted scene?

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