Joan Rivers Apologizes For Her Controversial Statements On Palestinian Deaths


Joan Rivers is in hot water…again.

On Thursday TMZ posted a video of her saying that Palestinian civilians “deserve to be dead.” A TMZ reporter asked for her opinion on the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Rivers stated:

“Good. Ask Colin Powell. When you declare war, you declare war. They started it. We don’t count who’s dead. You’re dead. You deserve to be dead. You started it. You started it. Don’t you dare make me feel sad about that. You can’t get rid of Hamas, you have to say you do not recognize them, they are terrorists…They were re-elected by a lot of very stupid people who don’t even own a pencil.”

“This is the most numbers percentage-wise of civilian deaths,” the reporter told Rivers.

“Who cares?” she responded. “At least the ones who were killed were the ones with very low IQs.”

Well, as expected Rivers’ comments made a lot of people upset and received backlash on social media. As a result, Rivers apologized but still blamed the media for allegedly misquoting her: “I am both saddened and disappointed that my statement about the tragedy of civilian casualties was totally taken out of context. What I said and stand behind is, war is hell and unfortunately civilians are victims of political conflicts. The media, as usual, has decided to only quote the most out of context…rather than giving an accurate account of what my intentions were behind the statement. Along with every other sane person in this world, I am praying for peace.”

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