Jon Bon Jovi Honors Memory Of HS Football Player Evan Murray

Photo Credit Mohegan Sun

Photo Credit Mohegan Sun

If you already love Jon Bon Jovi for one million reasons, make it one million and one.

At his concert this past Thursday in Abu Dhabi, the Bon Jovi band leader, long-time heart throb and most importantly in this case, loving father paid tribute to a young man who passed away after sustaining an injury in his last high school football game. While the band played “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” Bon Jovi displayed a sticker of the number eighteen on his guitar, which was the number of the 17-year-old quarterback. His name was Evan Murray.

Bon Jovi also posted this video online sending his prayers out to Murray’s family, loved ones, and of course his team. He said, “I heard word about Evan, and as a father of football players, my heart, my prayers and my thoughts go out to the Murray family…You are in my prayers. To all the team, I wish you the best this season and keep it up guys, all right? Win one for Evan.”

Evan Murray played for the Warren Hills Regional High School team and to say he was proud to be a Blue Streak is an understatement. Tragically, in his last game against Summit High School, Murray took a very hard hit and though he was strong enough to walk off the field, he collapsed on the sidelines and passed away shortly after being taken away in an ambulance. The autopsy report stated that “massive internal bleeding due to a lacerated spleen” was the official cause of death.

His passing has raised an enormous amount of out pour from his high school, community, and now stars, but has also garnered a lot of attention in the media because Murray has become the third child to die from football related injuries in America in the month of September, joining 16-year-old’s Tyrell Cameron and Ben Hamm.

While Bon Jovi’s gesture is treasured, an enormous issue still exists in this country threatening the lives of young boys aspiring to someday become football players or just looking to have fun in high school by partaking in a sport they enjoy. Children are dying while playing a sport America regards as joyfully aggressive. Families lives are being changed forever as they mourn the loss of their children they will never get to hold again, while we continue to support it, cheering for the big hits.

Something more needs to be done, but what?

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