Josh Robinson Compares Gay Marriage to Pedophilia, Incest

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Even on a day that President Obama calls “a victory for America,” the Supreme Court’s ruling that gay marriage is legal nationwide still experiences quite a backlash. For example, Minnesota Vikings cornerback Josh Robinson likened same-sex unions to pedophilia and incest on Friday via Twitter.

It’s true that a myriad of athletes praised the new law, but Robinson just wasn’t one of them. He questioned if the “logic” behind this ruling would also allow for pedophilia and incest to become legal. Predictably, this caused uproar from angry fans in support of the new ruling. One Twitter user in disagreement was Chris Kluwe, a former Vikings punter. He took to Twitter to write, “Predicting ‘my account was hacked’ in three… two… one…” Fans assume this was in regard to Robinson’s controversial series of tweets.

Do you agree with Kluwe? Will Robinson regret what he said?

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