Kanye West “Famous” In Bed With Celebs….Literally 11 of them

Photo Credit: BET/THZ Photo Library

Photo Credit: BET/THZ Photo Library

The rapper Kanye West we all know so well and either love, hate, or just can’t quite figure out is at it again, and has us all headed his direction on search engines. This time the G.O.O.D. Music/Roc-A-Fella Records Yeezy fashion icon release the visual for his new album titled “Famous” featuring the Barbadian songstress Rihanna. It was streamed live on Tidal & of course on the L.A. Forum screen, a 100 feet of screen much needed for this now “controversial” view in front of approximately 8,000 people. Kanye West had a way of words and visuals to express himself subliminally, or not so much. The rapper’s cover art for “Famous” features the star in bed with Kim, his wife of course to his left and a look a like of Taylor Swift to his right. It doesn’t stop there. Rihanna, Donald Trumps (Hahaha), Chris Brown, Ray-J, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner, George W. Bush, (Ctfu) Bill Cosby (Tears!) and Anna Winter. So as you can see the star is on a roll. He reportedly tweeted “Will someone sue me already!” The tweet has repeatedly been deleted since. Kanyes’ work is inspired allegedly by an American realist artist/painter Vincent Desiderio and his work of art called “Sleep.” I will most likely post the blurred images on Facebook. (Make sure to like the page) Critics, fans and viewers have called this “genius,” “classless” says Taylor Swifts beau. The crowds and audiences repsonse to who was fake and who was real…in meaning manikins were most likely used. The eerie breathing in the video is the most epic part..besides the nudes….

“They want to be in the bed.” Kanye West

Is what Kanye had to say in his interview. Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner Kylie Jenner and ex-boyfriend, but reportedly boyfriend again Tyga showed up to support Kanye West at The Forum as well as a bunch of other celebs. This has proven to be Kanye West most risky project yet. We will be on look out for anyone looking to sue the star who is not afraid to express himself both vocally and visually. George Bush representative was the first to come out ad say that they didn’t have anything to do with Kanye’s production. Not a bad bed by the looks of it…

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