Kathy Griffin Lashes Back at Trump Family For ‘Bullying’

Donald Trump. Photo Credit: The Hot Zone USA Library/Malik LeGare

Kathy Griffin has spoken out after THAT photo incident, claiming the Trump family have bullied her. 

“I’m not afraid of Donald Trump, he is a bully. I’ve dealt with older white men trying to keep me down my whole life, my whole career,” she said.

She spoke of her career and her love to make people laugh “more than anything in the world”.

As regards the apology she made to Trump, Griffin said it still stands.

“I feel horrible,” she added. “Trust me if I could re-do the whole thing I would have had a blow up doll and no ketchup. I make mistakes.”

She spoke of how she feels President Trump and his family are “personally trying to ruin my life forever”.

Griffin added that she has been getting death threats that are “constant and detailed, serious and specific”.

Her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, said that the family are responsible for Griffin losing her New Year’s Eve CNN job. 

After a reporter brought up Barron Trump, Bloom replied saying that it is a “parent’s job to monitor what their kid watches”. 

It has been reported that the Secret Service will be investigating the incident as protocol. 




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