Ken Paxton Still against Same-Sex Marriage

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Photo Credit: Morguefile

On Friday, shortly after the Supreme Court ruled that everyone in the United States has the right to marry, regardless of sexual orientation, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton stated that he is still against gay marriage. Paxton claimed that the five Justices who ruled in favor of same-sex marriages marked a “radical departure from… societal law and tradition.”

Of course it departed from “societal law.” Yesterday, gay marriage was illegal, and today it is legal. As for tradition, it changes all the time. For example, centuries ago, gay was a synonym for glee and contentment. That was part of the vernacular and tradition. It isn’t anymore. Just as the language changes, society’s traditions change. That’s human, no matter your political leanings.

Paxton continued, “Far from a victory for anyone, this is instead a dilution of marriage as a societal institution.” He seems unaware that the only thing that gay people will do now that they can get married is get married.

He also remarked that “no court, no law, no rule, and no words” will change that “marriage is the union of one man and one woman.” He mentioned that children need a mother and a father, even though homosexual parents have been raising children for ages now, and society hasn’t crumbled. Finally, Paxton stressed the importance of Americans being “able to exercise their faith in their daily lives without… harassment,” which essentially has little to nothing to do with the fact that same-sex marriage is now legal nationwide.

Paxton concluded with a heavily ironic statement. He declared that “the law in Texas is that marriage is one man and one woman,” which is illegal as of June 26. However, he ultimately stated that the state of Texas would follow the “high court’s flawed ruling.” As Attorney General, Paxton should realize that the ruling cannot actually be flawed. The majority of the Supreme Court found contextual, legal proof that same-sex marriage is protected under the United States Constitution, and it is.

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