Kevin Durant Says Cavs Can’t Trade LeBron – ‘The Legend’

Kevin Durant. Photo Credit: Lauren Menache-Berk Communications/THZ USA Photo Library

When Lil Dicky, the rapper, took to Twitter to express his opinion that LeBron James should be traded by the Cavs, he caught the attention of Kevin Durant. 

“If I’m Cleveland, I’m one thousand percent trading LeBron,” the rapper wrote on Twitter.

“U can’t trade a legend. He is Cleveland, he get’s to hold the cards,” Durant tweeted back.

The rapper and the Golden State Warriors player then went back and forth.

“He did it, they won. If I’m him I despise Gilbert for a variety of reasons. If I’m Gilbert, I’m getting something back this time. He’s gone,” said Lil Dicky.

“I feel what you’re saying. Most owners think that way, but then you realize it’s lebron james,” Durant replied.

Some say Lil Dicky won the debate. 

“I know, not easy. His love for Clev got them 1 but his warranted disdain for ownership is gonna cost them another. So I blow it up b4 he does,” he said.

But if he did win, it was all okay with Durant. He started off saying they couldn’t trade LeBron, but then said that everything was good. Confusing much?

“Last time he left they got like 3 number one picks. So either way they are good lol,” the player responded.

This comes after a rumor that James was on his way out, but it was quickly shot down on Wednesday. After all, he is one of three players to hold a ‘no-trade’ clause.

Kyrie Irving does want out of town though, and it’s not sure where he will end up. Maybe the Suns, Clippers or Spurs in the Western Conference.

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