Kim Kardashian Talks Removing “Sexier” Selfies From Book

Photo Credit: BET/THZ Photo Library

Photo Credit: BET/THZ Photo Library

Kim Kardashian, star of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and wife to rapper Kanye West is getting ready to start a new venture, the star is releasing a new book. The photo book she titled “Selfish” is a collection of Kardashian’s selfies, something she is very well known for on her social media accounts.

In a recent interview, the singer spoke about the decision to remove some of her “sexier” selfies from the book after a conversation with her husband saying “…He was like, “You know what? I do think a lot of your fans are younger so maybe don’t put too crazy…”I mean, it was a decision. We had piles and folders and everything was laid out on the floor. And I was like, “I don’t know, what do you think? Should we edit it?” and we did.” The singer says that the photos in her book are only suggestive and only photo was topless. As far as her favorite part, the star says “Probably one of the sexier ones…I like that section the best. There was a lot I had to edit out of there. I decided not to go too nude, because I didn’t wanna go too crazy.”

Kim Kardashian’s book “Selfish” is out May 5th.

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