Kim Kardashian VS The Internet

Photo Credit: Agate

Photo Credit: Agate

By now the entire world has seen Kim’s naked body on the cover and spread of Paper magazine. Amongst the praise from many fans, she received tons of backlash. Celebrities such as Naya Rivera and Chelsea Handler have made negative comments about it. The funny thing is Naya has posed nude before, and Chelsea well, what hasn’t she done.

Many people are acting like this is the first time we have seen Kim nude. If you have followed her journey in the entertainment industry, which I’m sure majority of us have, then seeing Kim naked is no surprise. From her sex tape, to her Playboy spread, and going bare for British GQ magazine. I will not state if I am or am not a fan of Kim. However, I will say that I respect her business mind. Granted its not a path that many of us would take, but Kim is known for her curves and beautiful features. That’s a given. At least she isn’t a drug addict, alcoholic, or causing casualities and mayhem everywhere she goes just to stay relevent, like some celebrities tend to do.

Their are many women in the industry who are very well know for being promiscuous. All they have to show for it are sad tales of “heartbreak” and the stress of dealing with deadbeat babydaddy’s and infidelity (if you watch reality tv then you know what I’m talking about). Kim’s past promiscuity wasn’t pretty but over the years she figured out how to turn a negative circumstance into a multi million dollar empire. I say bravo for that! From what we know she is a good mother and family oriented. Kanye West loves her and respects what she does, so why are we so angry about it? If her husband can deal with it we should too. Now the big debate is that Kim should not have posed nude on the magazine because she is a mother. Many women believe she is showing poor parenting skills by doing so. Being sexy does not mean being nude but again, I ask does it really matter at this point? How quick we forget that celeberities including Keira Knightley, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj have shown their assets and yet it did not cause this much upset. Kim has posed nude way before having baby North West. Doing it again should be (dare I say) normal?!? When North is older she will know of her mother’s sex tape, encounter with celebrity men, and her posing nude.

Kim is a genius when it comes to causing a frenzy and gaining media attention. She wanted to “break the internet” and did that. We may or may not agree with her decision of doing so but the deed is done, and we are talking about her. Therefore, I believe she accomplished exactly what she set out to do. The only person who deserves an explanation for her actions is North and I’m sure that is a conversation that Kim and Kanye are preparing for.

In case you missed it or just want to relive seeing the controversial photos, click HERE

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