Kylie Jenner Wants To Be A Singer And Claims She’s The New Katy Perry



Many people want to be a famous singer but if there’s one thing we learn from watching shows such as American Idol, the X factor, and The Voice, it is not a path everyone should take. Just because you LIKE to sing doesn’t mean you CAN sing. However, Kylie Jenner believes otherwise.

Reportedly, Kylie quit the modelling world to pursue a singing career. She sees herself as “the new Katy Perry” and is currently training with vocal coach Tim Carter. Tim has worked with many artists, including Willow Smith, Jay Z, and Beyonce.

So why does Kylie have a sudden interest in music? She admitted that she cannot compete with Kendall in the modelling world, so singing is her best option. Kylie may have a great voice, but I’m not sure if she’s the next Katy Perry. The Kardashian empire is prominent but Katy has set the bar very high. She holds the record for being the second in history to have five number ones from one album (Teenage Dream), following on from Michael Jackson’s Bad. She’s the first female to achieve this milestone, and Teenage Dream is also the third album in history to produce eight top five hits!

Kylie may be reaching for the impossible with trying to be like Katy, but as many of us have witnessed from the entertainment media/music world, stranger things have happened.

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