Man From Indiana Avoids Spending Years On Sex Offender Registry

Zach Anderson from Indiana,



avoided twenty-five years on the sex-offender registry after his first sentence was overturned.

Anderson spent 75 days in jail after having consensual sex with a fourteen year old girl who lied about being seventeen on a dating app, Anderson who is now twenty was only nineteen at the time.

In a hearing on Monday, with Berrien Country Judge Angela Pasula, Anderson address the courtroom he had learned his lesson from everything.

“This is not the way I feel about relationships at all and I realize it was a terrible mistake. I definitely respect the actual relationship,” he said. “Moving forward on this, my outlook is going to be totally different when it comes to relationships and meeting people.”

Judge Pasula told the court that she did not condone the type of behavior that occurred between Anderson and the girl. She also noted that the girl’s mother asked for leniency in the case since her daughter was a willing participant.

Anderson was re- sentenced to two years probation under Michigan’s Holmes Youthful Training Act, which allows ages people ages 17-21 who are first time offenders had the convictions removed if the adhere to certain conditions.

Some of these conditions are: He can not use pornography, drugs or drink; he is not allowed to use any devices connecting to the internet except for school; he can not be alone with anyone under the age of seventeen other than a sibling. Anderson also is not allowed to make contact with the girl that lied to him on the dating app.

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