Man Jailed For Working In A Pot Shop Legal In His State

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In 2010, Robert Duncan moved from Los Angeles to Northern California to manage a marijuana growing operation for a collective of medical marijuana dispensaries. That October, Duncan’s grow house was raided by federal police.

A few months later, U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner indicted him and others involved in the dispensary business on the grounds that it had grown too large. Despite California’s struggle with prison overcrowding, and new federal guidelines that say size should no longer be considered in prosecution decisions, Duncan, 31, was sentenced to two years in prison.

Robert Duncan surrendered to federal prison Monday, where he will serve a two-year sentence.

“It’s a lot bigger than me,” Duncan said of his sentencing. “There’s a lot more people affected by this. It’s not too late to do something different and to take bigger steps in the direction that the United States wants us to go. There’s no need to send people in this situation to prison. Do what the people want you to do.”

Duncan said he intends to make the most out of his time in prison by reading as much as possible and working toward an online MBA degree. He told Marc Lamont Hill, of HuffPost Live, that he’ll miss his active lifestyle the most.

“I’ve always been a person who likes the outdoors,” he said. “Not being able to go for a mountain bike ride, go rock climbing, that’ll be tough. It’s going to be challenging to be confined for that long.”

“It boils down to the feds wanting to make an example out of us. There’s no rhyme or reason, no formulas, like the feds saying you have too many patients or you have too many profit dollars. And actually, we really weren’t making that much money because we were just reinvesting into the company. And I didn’t see any of that anyways. I just had a modest salary,” Duncan related his personal tale to the Huffington Post.

Duncan’s entire tale along with a live interview just moments before his surrender can be found at the Huffington Post.

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