Mandy Moore Just Can’t Take it Anymore! Stalker Reappears

Photo Credit: MorgueFIle

Photo Credit: MorgueFIle

Poor Mandy Moore! Reportedly, her stalker has visited her house for a third time in 2 weeks! Apparently, he was ranting and jumbling words outside Moore’s home. Authorities say, this isn’t a legitimate reason to lock him up.

Here’s some deets on Mandy’s biggest fan, Salahudin Moultaali. He was arrested on Friday for the third time, this past Friday in front of Moore’s Hollywood home.

Finally, the judged issued a court restraining order keeping him away from Moore’s current home. But, after the second occurrence of Moultaali showing up, the L.A.  county D.A decided that the case wasn’t worth the pursuit.

But, alas, Moultaali was volatile and persist, so when he showed up on Friday, the  police arrested him for violation of restraining order and for stalking, which is considered a felony.

Moore is happy to say the least,  but Moultaali is still in custody with a $150,000 bail. Currently, the case is being reviewed by the L.A. Attorney.

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