Singer & Actress Margot B Is “In The Hot Zone”

Photo Credit: Kenny Servera/THZ Library

Photo Credit: Kenny Servera/THZ Library

Margot B is an up and coming singer/actress that is ready to blow up.

The Hot Zone USA had the privilege to interview Margot B who played the role of Daughter Maitland in HBO’s hit Boardwalk Empire. The interview took place at the famous Planet Hollywood at Times Square in New York City.

In the interview, Margot gives in detail on life growing up in Pittsburgh and having a pro athlete as a father. Her father, Craig Bingham played for five seasons in the National Football League with the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Diego Chargers. She is a devoted Pittsburgh Steelers fan (you can see why since her father played for the Steelers.)

She explains that music has been her life. She loves to sing and boy she can sing well.

She describes what it was like working on set on Boardwalk Empire playing the role of Daughter Maitland. She describes it as very fun. She gives a story where her and Michael K. Williams were acting out a sex scene. She explains the awkwardness between her and Williams when they act out a sex scene, there were producers there to watch and actually give out criticisms. She stated “It was very uncomfortable and there were people there telling me to move my head a little bit more.” Margot also explains that the sex scene was funny since Williams wanted to make jokes during the scene which really lightened the mood on set to make it easier and more comfortable.

She then gets asked the million dollar question: Is there any special person out there? She states: “Well, there are two special people out there but it is nothing serious. To be honest, I am just focusing on my career and not focusing on that special someone”

Photo Credit: Kenny Servera/ THZ Library

Photo Credit: Kenny Servera/ THZ Library

Margot B also recently finished wrapping up a movie called “Destined” and co-stars La La Anthony who she describes as the most “nicest woman you will ever meet in your life.” The film, which takes place in Detroit, is about 13-year-old Rasheed Smith, who is at a crossroads and has to decide whether to take a path of good or pursue a life of crime. It is scheduled to be released next year.

She also has an album coming out next year as well. With her tremendous singing in Boardwalk Empire, there is no doubt that her album will be tremendous!

Give it a little while and everyone will be talking about Margot B!

Check out the video interview with Margot B with Jason Robinson below:

If you have doubts about her singing, check out this clip from Boardwalk Empire as Daughter Maitland. Such a beautiful voice!

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