Masked Figure Threatens President Barack Obama And The United States On Social Media

President Obama THZ Photo Library

President Obama
THZ Photo Library

Could this be an early Halloween prank or something far darker social media users and conspiracy theorists are asking themselves after a grainy two-minute black and white video of a masked figure appeared on You Tube. The figure is dressed in a black hooded cloak and is wearing what is described as a medieval-style plague mask. The figure stands silent as eerie music plays in the background and cryptic threats to Barack Obama and the White House appear across the screen.

Since the video went viral, social media has been in a tizzy. According to Inquisitr messages which are displayed in binary code and then later translated from Spanish read ‘’death.” And another encrypted message beneath reads, ‘’You have one year or less.” All threats have allegedly been directed to President Obama and the U.S. Some have hinted this is the prelude for another terrorist attack and because of the scary plague mask the figure is wearing it could be biological in nature.

It has also been reported that the GPS coordinates contained within the video allegedly correspond to the location of the White House. Swedish technology blog Gadgetzz announced that the video was sent to them in DVD format from Poland.

Other cryptic messages which have been decoded allegedly read, ‘’Lipslike Tenth,” When re-arranged spell, ‘’Kill the President.” According to the Daily Mail there are multiple cryptic messages, which are still being analyzed one of which is the flashlight, which is featured in the glove of the figure and is reportedly flashing signals in Morse Code.

There could be a lighter side to all this, the video is also speculated to be the lead in a marketing campaign for new thriller Iferno a book by best selling author Dan Brown.

What are your thoughts, does the U.S. have something to fear, is this an early Halloween prank or is this just a great marketing campaign?


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