Mccain Leaves Treatment to Forward GOP Healthcare Efforts

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John McCain announce just last week that he had been diagnosed with brain cancer. This week his fellow senators lobbied him and his doctors succeeding in drawing the long serving senator and former prisoner of war back to the Senate floor to cast a vote that is all too important to Republicans; a boat that is perhaps one of the most controversial in our lifetimes.

We came had gone in for surgery to remove a blood clot above his eye when doctors discovered a tumor in his brain. Route Washington and the country messages of support and sadnessmet the senators announcement that he would be taking time off to fight cancer. As an independent the former presidential hopeful who lost in 2008 to Barack Obama has been outspoken when other GOP senators have not especially in regards to the Trump administration. He was famously friends with Democrat Ted Kennedy who also returned to the congressional floorfor another important vote on this same topic while battling brain cancer.

Just a couple months ago the house of representatives succeeded in passing their version of an Obamacare replacement Bill, surprising most who thought their efforts had failed. Since reaching the senate the effort to undo President Obama’s most famous legislation has been a roller coaster. It has also been likened to a zombie by those who say it just won’t seem to die. With several senators promising strong no boats to Mitch McConnell’s proposed replacement bill and others strongly opposing just repealing the Affordable Care Act, it has seemed like an impossible task for Republicans to achieve what they have been threatening to do for almost a decade.

McCain returned to give the Republicans the votes they needed along with vice President Mike Pence to officially debate repealing and replacing with some version of McConnell’s bill. According to USA Today: “McCain did not announce in advance whether he would support Tuesday’s “motion to proceed,” but he marched onto the floor to a standing ovation from his colleagues and voted “aye.” Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska voted no, requiring Vice President Pence to cast the tie-breaking vote in favor.”

McCain is 80 years old and has a mother still alive who is in her hundreds; after serving six terms in the Senate as well as his marching back to the Senate floor less than a week after a cancer diagnosis, it seems improbable that he’ll be out of the political limelight anytime soon. Even showing up Tuesday to help open debate on the healthcare bill seem to be his way of rebelling against the closed door and partisanprocess that McConnell has been using thus far on this bill. “‘I will not vote for this bill as it is today,’ McCain said, and if it fails ‘as seems likely,’ the Senate should go back to the drawing board, with hearings, markups and consultation with Democrats — all things that have thus far been lacking.”

Even President Trump who, during his campaign, said that McCain was not an American hero because he was captured during the Vietnam war and held for six years as a POW, tweeted that McCain was indeed an American hero after the senator return to the Senate floor in a move Trump clearly sees as supportive of his administrative goals. That tweet will likely have little effect on the independent minded McCain who would likely have a similar reaction to Stephen King when President Trump blocked The sci-fi writer on Twitter; King tweeted sarcastically that without being able to see the president’s tweets he may as well kill himself. It seems that, Along those same lines, McCain should feel his life is now complete because President Trump-Who avoided military service multiple times, never serving despite eligibility-has conceded that he is an American hero.

Mccains vote on Tuesday does not mean that the senates version of the healthcare bill will pass with other senators still opposing various versions and Republicans seemingly unable to come to a consensus to fulfill their seven year promise.

McCain based backlash on line for leaving taxpayer funded healthcare two seemingly support efforts to remove millions of people’s access to Health care. There was also a short protest as the senators gathered for their vote. According to CNN: “Sen. Bernie Sanders Monday called the bill the ‘cruelest, most destructive and irresponsible piece of legislation ever brought to the United States Senate in the modern history of this country.”‘

This vote opens debate on the bill and puts Republicans one step closer to undoing what some consider to be Obama’s legacy; if they can deal-make their way to a consensus we could soon see The end of affordable and accessible healthcare.

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