Melissa Joan Hart Criticizes Media Coverage of 9/11 Anniversary

Credit: Morgue File

Credit: Morgue File

Actress Melissa Joan Hart is speaking out about her disappointment in the media coverage of the 2015 September 11th anniversary, on Friday.

Hart took to her Twitter and Instagram to post about it on Friday, stating, “Extremely disappointed in @foxnews and @CNN for not having continual coverage of Sept11 memorial & names listed on the banner!!”

When one of her followers responded, questioning the necessity of reminding our country of the terrorist attacks and tragedy that took place that 2001.

“To be fair, is it necessary,” the follower wrote to Hart. “Is it done on Dec 7? Why do we always need reminders? Why do we love tragedy?”

“It should be!” Hart replied. “Those are two defining moments in our nations path that need to be remembered and taught!”

The 39-year-old Long Island native continued to share a photo of a rainbow appearing over the World Trade Center to Instagram with the caption, “This lightened my heart as I wake up today and am discouraged by the lack of footage around the memory of those lost. Have we quickly forgotten about the victims, the survivors, the families left behind and the first responders who so heroically ran into the building while everyone else ran out?! At least this photo reminds us that there is hope for peace and love in the world and a promise for a better place in eternal peace.”

“My children need to know that this day changed our lives in the U.S. and the world and without solid news coverage, I’m discouraged,” the mom of three wrote on Twitter. “If Kardashians can be covered 24/7 why can’t we have one day dedicated to a moment in history that changed our path? I don’t need to see tragedy, I need to see stories of healing & memory!”

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